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"All The Bits Of Time"

wood, cloth, copper, steel wire,

doll eyes, paper clay, velvet,

acrylic paint, seashells, cable,

glass beads, coral, picture frame 

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"Imposter Syndrome"

wood, cloth, springs, 

buttons, crushed coal, velvet,

copper wire, tea set creamer,

acrylic paint, picture frame

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"Gearbox Series"

This is the first time I've produced a limited edition series. Each head was cast from the same mold. They are made of fired ceramic clay.Each were separately hand painted with acrylic paint and varnish. The bases are made up of scavenged internal clock mechanisms. Noses consist of steal wire and velvet. Each piece in this series is unique and limited to this edition of six.

No more of this design will be produced. 

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"Blue #1"


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"Red #2"

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"Purple #1"

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"Red #1"


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"Blue #2"

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"Purple #2"

"Greenhouse Series"

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"Jar #4" (Red)

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"Jar #1" (Maroon)

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"Jar #3" (Purple)


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"Jar #2" (Orange)

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"Jar #5" (Green)

wood, paper clay, string,

wire, shells, glass beads,

plastic scraps, acrylic paint, glass jars 

"Prosthetic Limb Series"

I'm happy to share with you a different branch of my studio work. Over the years I have often hesitated developing certain projects because they didn't fit the art I'm associated with. Being self employed, one doesn't always have the option of exploring as much as you'd like.

So it goes... 

Then there's other times when you just have to go for it. In addition to my usual figurative work, I will be producing my "orphans" under the name Semaphore Industries. I'm really looking forward to sharing much more of this work with you in the very near future.   Stay tuned...


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"The Pretender"

wood, metal, leather,
cloth, copper, acrylic paint,
steel, plastic


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"The Traveler"

wood, bone, leather,

copper, steel, acrylic paint,

dirt, glass eye, shell, key,

dice, jewelry, plastic, tooth 

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"The Collector" (Magpie)

wood, leather, velvet,

glass beads, coins, 

buttons, charms, bone,

religious metals, steel,  

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"The Searcher" (Relics) 

wood, springs, copper,

leather, steel, fabric,

bone, glass eye, watch,

jewelry, beads, star fish

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