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Strange Overtones


Welcome to our little experiment called "Strange Overtones". It started when I mailed each artist an identical clay head I made and asked them to alter it however they saw fit. The variety of perspectives and approaches that returned was astonishing and genuinely inspiring. It was an honor curating this truly international effort with participating artists from Germany, Croatia, France, Canada, Sweden, Brazil, UK, & US. 

Just so you know, the majority of the art on view here is for sale. A portion or all profits from these pieces will be donated by the artist to a charity of their choice. Please reach out to the individual artist directly with the contact information provided if you are interested in purchasing their piece. 


This project was conceived during the first Covid-19 lockdown in the US.

It was inspired out of a need to reach out to others during a most peculiar time. That time is still far from over and our need for community, friendship, and hope still persists.


This little experiment won't change the world, but everyone does what they can with the tools they have. For better or worse, we make weird

art for a living.  

                                                                               - Kevin Titzer, 2022  

*Click on images for additional descriptions and contact information 

Marin Remic

Carisa Swenson

Matthew Dutton